Do You Want to Work a Room
with Confidence and Ease?

If you want to be a success in business and in life, you need to know how to work a room. Any room. Every room. You need to know how to find opportunities wherever you go. Whether you are at a conference, a cocktail party, in a boardroom, at a bar, at the Bar Association, or at the ballet barre. Fireball Network has the  hottest tips to help you work a room, choose the right networking events, set your goals, prepare for networking events, make conversation, exchange business cards, close the conversation, and follow up to get results.

Top 5 Tips for Working a Room

1. Decide on your goals for each room you enter.
2. Prepare and practice your unique ‘Fireball Pitch’. Keep it brief and engaging.
3. Ask intelligent questions. Listen and learn.
4. Be helpful. Make strategic introductions for others.
5. Schedule follow-up meetings – in person.

* Bonus Tip * Keep an open mind.

“You never know how the next person you meet might change your life.”
~ Deena “Fireball” Baikowitz

  • “Fireball Network has been incredibly valuable to BG Studio International on so many levels. Their team has trained our principals and designers on the best ways to represent BG Studio at networking events, as conference speakers and on project pitches. Their wonderful advice and strategic introductions have landed our firm high-profile press, new relationships with developers, and new opportunities.”

    Francesca Bucci
    Francesca Bucci President, BG Studio International Inc.
  • "I love your energy! Thanks for helping me feel more confident with my first introduction at my first event."

    Marisa Sanfilippo Marketing Director

Do you want cool ice breakers, hot conversation topics and awesome follow up techniques?

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