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Blending Comedy with Coaching: To help you reach your goals with more confidence, less stress, and lots of laughter.
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About Deena ‘Fireball’ Baikowitz

Coach • Trainer • Speaker • Comedian 

Deena brings her signature fireball energy to every space and every audience. Her happy place is in a room full of people – both virtual and live. Whether your event is a zoom room, conference stage, crowded cocktail party, Clubhouse stage, or comedy club, Fireball Deena lights up every room and every audience.

Deena is inspiring, entertaining, and hilarious. She addresses critical career and business issues, provides sparks of advice with her direct, New York attitude, and creates lessons from her memorable life stories, with humor and heart.

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Experience The Fireball EFFECT

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When you work with me, you’ll get connected to my global network of dynamic fireballs. You’ll land new career and business opportunities, make new friends, and expand your world.

You’ll also learn the hottest tips to break the ice, make meaningful conversation, be strategic and efficient in how and where you spend your time and energy networking, deliver a memorable elevator pitch,  and follow up effectively. You’ll get original ideas to craft your unique personal and professional brand, tell your story, and stand out in your industry. You’ll learn how to shine on camera an in person, develop and deliver powerful presentations, and build your confidence and your skills. 

Let’s get to know each other better. Book a call: I promise you a burst of energy , inspiration, and ideas, to help you reach your goals.

(Even if you can’t reach the 2nd shelf in your own kitchen. Oh wait, that’s me. Never mind.) Let’s focus on YOU.


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