Image of very tired businesswoman or student with her face on keyboard of laptop

You know your business is taking over your life when…

1.  You only hear about a new dating site if it’s featured in a business magazine.

2.  You turn down dates/friends/christenings/funerals, so you can go to networking events instead.

3.  Your idea of a hot outfit is a pinstripe suit.

4.  You dye your hair to match your logo.

5.  You turn the guest bedroom into an office – and won’t let guests sleep over.

6.  Instead of photos of friends and family in your home, you have inspirational quotes from business leaders.

7.  Instead of fine art, you have vision boards in fancy frames. In every room. Including the bathroom.

8.  You bring your business cards everywhere you go. Even to your mother’s house. (and she still doesn’t understand what you do for a living).

9.  You wait three hours in the waiting room to see a specialist you don’t need, because his clients are your target market.

10.  You get pregnant just so that you can access the mom-preneur market.