three great tits on a branch In honor of Spring, the Birds and the Butterflies bring you these hot networking tips. To help you fly faster, soar with the eagles, and reach new heights. 

1. Birds of a feather flock together.
One of the best ways to build relationships is through common interests or affinity groups. Join organizations and attend events where you fit in easily and feel most comfortable. Get involved with your alumni association, your cultural group, industry association, or other groups where you have a personal or professional connection.

2. Are you a morning lark or a night owl?
Know yourself, and schedule your networking activities when you’re at your best. It takes energy, focus and a positive attitude to make a great impression. If you’re a morning lark, meet over breakfast or lunch. If you’re a night owl, set meetings in the late afternoon, or over cocktails or dinner. Show yourself off in your best light – whether that light comes from the morning sunrise, or the starry night sky.

3. Be a social butterfly. Or be friends with one.
The brightest social butterflies float happily around any room making new friends –  and helping others make wonderful new connections too. They are easy to approach and eager to help. If you’re shy or introverted, buddy up with a social butterfly. Your new BFF (butterfly friend forever) will use her special powers to include you, and introduce you to the flock.

Sun Conures


“Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s Party!”
~ Robin Williams (one of the funniest birds in  Hollywood’s Nest)