Bad Business Mistakes

Bad Business Mistakes

The Worst Networking Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Even the smartest people can make critical mistakes. We don’t always realize what we’re doing wrong. Here are some of the worst networking mistakes – that too many people make – along with smart solutions to help you do the right thing. These warnings will help you prevent rejections, avoid embarrassment and decrease the loss of deals to your competitors. These techniques will guide you to connect more effectively, land meetings and successfully pitch your products and services.

MISTAKE #1: Cold Calls and Cold Emails

Cold calls and cold emails rarely work. They are inefficient and usually turn people off – which will ruin your chances for any future pitch.

SOLUTION #1: Warm Introductions, Referrals and Recommendations

Use your network to get you in the door. Ask people you respect to make a warm introduction. And be sure to return the favor.

* Sample Email or Phone Script *



I provide innovative business services and I have about 20 years experience working with companies like yours. I would like to meet with you to tell you all about my services and expertise and company history and client solutions. I will show you my sales presentation. It takes about an hour and then we’ll have a Q&A. Are you available tomorrow afternoon?

How do you react to messages like this from people you don’t know?


Hi Sarah,

I’d like to introduce you to my business development coach, Deena Baikowitz, cc’d here. She’s done a fantastic job helping me improve my sales pitch, land meetings, and secure high-profile speaking gigs in our industry. From what you told me at lunch last week, I think you and your team would really benefit from Deena’s services. She’s a Fireball!

How would you react to an message like this from someone you trust?

MISTAKE #2: Too many words, and too many generic, clichéd expressions

Too much is too much. Long, pushy, overly detailed, repetitive, long, boring, generic, cliché sales pitches will get a freezing cold reception. See what I did there?!  😉 So once you’re in front of a captive target, what should you say?

SOLUTION #2: A concise, unique and powerful pitch

You need a brief, high-impact pitch that clearly illustrates the unique value you offer. You need substance and style. And you must be able to deliver your pitch effectively in person, over the phone, and in writing.

* Sample Pitch *

COLD: “We provide creative solutions to improve your business processes, operations, systems and communications. We not only meet client expectations, we exceed them, we deliver on time and on budget, we are responsive, professional blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…” BLECH!

HOT: Fireball Network will teach you to work any room with confidence, deliver a high-impact pitch, build strategic relationships and land new clients.

MISTAKE #3: Trying to go it alone and not asking for help

[bctt tweet=”The people who are the most isolated are the most at risk for failure. You cannot thrive, grow and succeed on your own.” username=”fireballdeena”] Don’t try to do everything all by yourself.

SOLUTION #3: Surround yourself with a smart, supportive network

We all need people we can count on for advice, assistance and encouragement. And we need a diverse network, composed of people with different skill sets, experience and perspectives. Call it your crew, your board of directors, your career advisors, your high council of Jedi Knights, or your Flash of Fireballs. Whatever you call it, make your network work for you!

Do you want to walk into every situation with confidence and focus, build powerful relationships and create valuable business opportunities?

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