Fireballs-Networking-Connecting-imageThe #1 way to build business  – throughout the year  – is both simple and powerful:

Connect with Your Network.

  1. Get together in person. Meet over coffee, tea or spiced cider. Yummy.
  2. Have a good old fashioned phone call. Use the power of the human voice.
  3. Send a handwritten card or letter. Much more memorable than email.
  4. Schedule your 2016 meetings now. Put the people you care about in your calendar.

Fireball Network empowers executives, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to build meaningful professional relationships that lead to valuable business and career opportunities.

The best gift you can give yourself or a colleague is a gift that says:

“I believe in your potential for greatness.”

Fireball Network Coaching and Consulting Services

  • Marketing & Business Development Consulting
  • Conference and Event Coaching
  • Wingwoman / Wingman Services
  • LinkedIn Strategy & Profiles
  • Presentation and Public Speaking Training
  • Career and Transition Coaching
  • Seminars, Webinars & Workshops
  • Body Soul Business: for Health, Wellness, Fitness & Beauty Professionals (Webinar Jan 25th)

Invest in Yourself. Invest in Your Network.