Today, on Valentine’s Day, I spent my morning surrounded by talented, successful, and amazing women who truly care about each other’s success. I am grateful I had the chance to participate in this wonderful Ellevate Network / Berlin Cameron event #Thankful4Women • A Celebration of Gratitude.

If you know me, you know that I am an extrovert and a connector. My career path and my business are based on bringing people together for professional and personal opportunities. I am grateful to do work I love, as a networking coach, a professional wingwoman, and a business and career coach. One of my happy places is working a room, and making people feel comfortable, confident, and included. Another happy place is on camera, sharing my stories and advice to inspire people across all stages of their careers. So when Jess Smith asked me to be a guest expert for her Career Calling Summit, I said yes. Jess gave me the chance to spend an hour on a Saturday afternoon doing something I love: being interviewed on camera about branding, marketing, and networking; sharing my expertise; motivating women and men to pursue their passion; and creating this post-interview video to continue the conversation.

I hope the story in this video will encourage you to expand your own perspective, push through your fears, say yes to more opportunities, and develop wonderful new relationships. A stranger is a friend you haven’t yet met, and you never know how the next person you meet might change your life. No one succeeds alone, and no one should struggle alone either. Show up for each other. Be thankful for the people already in your life. Be thankful for the new people you encounter each day. And always remember to be grateful for your own unique talents, skills, and personality, which you can use to make a difference at home, in the workplace, and in the world. We are all here to support each other and help each other succeed. Stay connected.