The Red Hot Networking Challenge

Spark Your Network and Ignite Your Life.



If You…

  • Are NOT a natural networker
  • Think small talk is a big pain
  • Struggle with virtual networking
  • Have forgotten how to people
  • All of the above

Then this challenge is for you!

You’ll learn how to use networking to achieve a burning hot goal, with 5 Days of Fireball, 15 Minutes a Day

Day 1

Goal Setting: combining cool science-based methods with hot strategy and warm fuzzy inspiration.

Day 2

People, People, People: Tap (and jazz and hip hop) your existing network and develop new relationships.


Day 3

Scripts and Templates for: cool ice breakers, warm introductions, hot conversation topics, and friendly (but not cold) emails and LinkedIn messages.

Day 4

Networking Opportunities & Activities: Choose the right events and activities for you, and make the most of your time and energy. 

Day 5

Day 5:  F.U.N. How to Follow Up and Nurture Relationships. Celebrate with a live, online networking event to show off your shiny new skills!

The Red Hot Networking Challenge will empower you to:


  • Show up to every networking meeting and event with a smile on your face and your head held high
  • Set specific networking goals that give you strategies and measurements for success
  • Walk in or log on prepared, and work the room or the zoom with focus and confidence
  • Spark chemistry and meaningful conversation, and discover common (and uncommon) points of interest
  • Talk about yourself without feeling icky or awkward
  • Expand your networks, leverage your relationships, and build your circles of influence
  • Set a positive mindset, get rid of negative self talk
  • Blend personal and professional topics for meaningful connection
  • Make the most of 1:1 meetings and leverage networking events to enrich your life

Learn the Fun & Fundamentals of Networking!


 It only takes 15 minutes a day, for 5 days

Here’s How It Works

Morning Challenge

You’ll get one email in the morning, with your daily topic, exercise, and bonus materials.


Evening Reward

You’ll get one email in the evening, to check on your progress, with a special reward.


🎉  A Networking Celebration 🎉  

Meet your fellow Fireballs live and online, and practice your shiny new networking skills!

Learn the fundamentals, and the FUN, of networking.

The Red Hot Network Challenge will get you in the mood to schmooze, set specific networking goals, crush obstacles in your way, and strengthen your relationship building muscles. It will get you in your networking zone, and stretch you slightly beyond your comfort zone, because that’s how we grow.

I’m so happy you’re here!

Hello new friends and fireballs-to-be. I’m so happy you’re here!

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Deena Baikowitz, founder of Fireball Network. I am a business and career coach, trainer, speaker, and comedian.

I’ve networked my way into: new industries, jobs, and careers; board seats and leadership roles; lanching new businesses; moving to new cities and countries on my own; high profile press; radio and video interviews; podcast appearances; public speaking gigs; fantastic clients, and wonderful friends. I tell my professional and personal stories on many platforms, and share the lessons I’ve learned. Stories like How I Went from Lonely to the Life of The Party, by  Being Myself. And Life Lessons I Learned While Flying on A Trapeze.

I created The Red Hot Networkng Challenge to share my not-so-secret strategies, and to help you embrace and enjoy networking,  This challenge will help you understand why and  how networking is fundamental to your success, and realize that it can be fun – when you learn to network like a Fireball.

Fabulous Fireballs

Thank you for all that you have done for me!  I went from dreading networking to looking forward to it. You changed my life and gave me the confidence to do what I love. 

Susan Malik

CPA, CA, Clear Insight

“Deena has excellent advice and encouragement to help introverts network, and really understands engineers and architects. She has helped SRW present our firm with more impact, improving our networking efforts and our sales pitch.”

Orah Weisberg, PE, LEED AP

Principal, Sabir Richardson & Weisberg Engineering & Architecture

“Deena is my career coach, more like life coach.  She helped me to reprioritize, and played a big part in my professional development. She also led a phenomenal career workshop for Lisa’s Living Room. I highly recommend Deena for both your professional and personal goals. She is a fireball and will help you to become one, too!”

Lisa Robinson

Vice President, Downtown Music Holdings and Founder, Lisa’s Living Room

“Deena inspires everyone around her, has a knack of understanding the ‘misfire’ in a person, company or organization and immediately has the advice needed to stay at the top of your game. She coached me during my career change and I have not looked back.”

Ronda Landa

Director of Sales, NCS First American Title, and Past President, CREW Utah

Let’s Get You Networking!