Do you want to network with heart?

Of course you do. That’s why we’re sharing these heartwarming stories, inspiring anecdotes and valuable advice. These resources will help you develop your friendships, your business relationships, your network and your community.

1.  Let’s Get Social.
Carrie Kerpen, the very likeable CEO of Likeable Media interviewed me for her fabulous podcast “All the Social Ladies”. I share my personal journey as I transformed from a shy, insecure frizzball into a dynamic, confident fireball. Click here to listen to the podcast.

2. Speak from your Heart, and Speak Up.
In this article from CREW Network, powerful women share their advice on the best ways to promote yourself authentically and powerfully, in order to succeed. I am proud to be included among these experts. We learn from each other, and empower each other. Click here to read the article. 

3. Give and Get Warm Referrals.
Read how my network showed up with the right referrals, to help these newlyweds close on their dream home.This true story will give you the warm and fuzzies. Happy Anniversary Amanda and Alex! Click here to read the story. 

Do you want to network with heart, do business with people you like and admire, and build your confidence, your relationships and your business? We will help you get connected.

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