Welcome to a Shiny New Year! Are you excited about all the wonderful possibilities in 2015? Are you ready to create new connections and build your business? Then you need to show up! In person. And you need to be prepared. Our five fun and easy networking tips will inspire you to work the room like a Fireball.

1. Bring It:
Bring a sense of purpose to every networking activity. Set your goal for the event, and commit to it. Do you need to find new clients? Do you want a new job? Do you want to close a sale? You can’t work a room – or build your business – by standing nervously alone in a corner or just hanging with your friends. You need to make strategic connections and meaningful conversation. Commit to improving your skills, working outside your comfort zone, and bringing your best self to every event!

2. Wing It:
Bring along a wingman or wingwoman. If you’re shy about talking to strangers, team up with a fearless Fireball. Non-connectors need help getting connected, and connectors need people to connect. This makes it a “win-win-wing” situation for everyone. At Fireball Network, we provide professional wing services (the fancy name is Facilitated Networking) to keep you company, and help you fly.

3. Bling It:
Wear something bright and shiny – such as your smile. Sparkly pins, cufflinks, smartphone cases and business card holders can also be valuable conversation starters. For added attention, tattoo your logo across your forehead.

4. Sing It:
The elevator pitch is sooo last year. You need to deliver an engaging Fireball Pitch with style, substance and impact! Use metaphors, analogies, and stories to describe your services. Share a Fireball Fun Fact about yourself and your business. Deliver information that people will remember (and maybe even hum) by the end of the event.

5. Zing It:
Zing (noun) is defined as “vitality, animation or zest; a quality or characteristic that excites the interest, enthusiasm…” ( Dull and boring are bad networkers. Enthusiasm and positive energy are awesome networkers. Be passionate about creating new relationships and opportunities. Be interested, be interesting, and be fun. (Bonus points if you can be funny, or just funny looking.)

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