I am a networking coach, and an extreme extrovert who craves human contact. My clients pay me to teach them how to build strategic and meaningful long-term relationships. I’m also single, and I live alone. Thank you for coming to my ironic TedTalk.

Self-isolation during a global pandemic is excruciating for a single, social, extrovert. I was a hot mess for the first few weeks: bitterly lonely, terrified for my future, furious about our collective loss, and grieving for my beloved New York City. Then I moved forward –  from denial, anger, bargaining, and depression  – into acceptance, I knew I had to find a healthy way to cope. So I did what any self-respecting Fireball would do: I reached out to my network. I have been calling my clients, scheduling video meetings, organizing online cocktail parties, hosting happy hours, and facetiming the f*ck out of my friends. I have also been participating in virtual open mics, and writing new corona comedy material.  This outreach and activity led to deep conversations, ideas for creative projects, laughter therapy, workshop dates, and romantic dates too – because I’m determined to find love, even though online dating is now literally online dating. I realized I needed meaningful ways to be of service to my professional network and to my creative community.  By taking the focus off my own issues, I found meaning, hope, and a productive, relevant outlet for my talents and energy. My career, and my life are based on  bringing people together for professional and personal opportunities. I’m a connector, organizer, and mobilizer. I’m the one who says “Hey kids, let’s get together in the backyard and put on a show”. And then gathers diverse performers, creatives, designers, and producers, and talents of all types – to make it happen. And like millions of other human beings, I am a huge fan of the healing power of humor.

I am proud to announce that Fireball Network is co-producing “Fireball Friday”, a livestream professional comedy show on Friday May 8th, in partnership with Jim Mendrinos, founder of New Media Comedy Worldwide.  I am equally proud  – and nervous – to announce that I will be making my national (online) debut as an emerging comic, performing in this show.  Fireball Friday is the only livestream show within the New York Underground Comedy Festival .  Comics from around the world share their talents for a two week celebration of laughter and hope in this time of global crisis. Fireball Friday and NYUCF are raising money for:


God’s Love We Deliver



Please consider taking action:

  1. Watch the livestream, and watch the Festival.
  2. Volunteer your time, talents, and advice: we need help with wordpress websites, graphic design for marketing materials, social media, press outreach, video branding and editing, and livestream technical support.
  3. Donate NOW to these critical causes.

Think about how you can support your own networks during this crisis, and in doing so, support your own coping process:

  • call your clients
  • check up on your friends
  • set up video introductions
  • host a virtual brunch
  • attend a happy hour
  • organize a discussion group, book club, game night, or art project
  • write an article and include quotes and content from your network
  • join a dance party
  • donate money
  • leverage your contacts to offer your help, and to ask for what you need in return

Most important of all, please safe and stay connected.  We’re all in this together. 

With love and laughter,

~ Deena “Fireball” Baikowitz