On a recent flight from Montreal to New York, we were stuck in the plane, on the tarmac for over three hours, due to bad weather and poor planning. As an energetic extrovert, I have difficulty sitting still for extended periods of time. As a networker, I try to find people to chat with. As an entrepreneur, there is always work to do. But there was no one nearby interested in talking, and the cranky mood throughout the cabin made it difficult for me to get motivated to write about building relationships. So I looked for inspiration elsewhere. I stared at my phone, opened my books app, and started reading. And spent the next three hours completely immersed. When we finally landed, I had read, learned, cried, laughed, and been moved by the awesome, entertaining, inspiring Lindy West, in her book Shrill. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever experienced insecurity, inspiration, fear, confidence, passion, grief, doubt, happiness, love, hate, challenges, and successes. Reading this book kicked my ass to push through my hesitation and get back to filming my Fireball “Sparks of Inspiration” videos. Like this one.


Please share: where do you find your inspiration, and how do you push through your fears to accomplish what you’re passionate about?