Deena Baikowitz

Deena comes from four generations of feisty career women and business owners. Her favorite expression is “I know someone you should meet. Let me introduce you!”

Deena is a dynamic speaker, engaging trainer, skilled facilitator, and experienced business and career coach. She is passionate about empowering professionals across all industries to build their confidence, improve their skills, and expand their networks. As the Chief Networking Officer of Fireball Network, Deena helps the firm’s clients develop strategic relationships and access hot business opportunities. Deena’s coaching and consulting programs focus on marketing, branding, networking and presentation skills.  She has over 20 years experience – with careers in theatre, health care, social work, business development, and marketing. Deena speaks English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, and a smidge of Hungarian. Her language skills enable her to meet even more people, and assist lost tourists.

Deena is an active member of The Association for Talent Development – NYC chapter (ATD-NYC), and Ellevate Network. She served on the Board of CREW New York (Commercial Real Estate Women), and serves on the Board of the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI). BALI empower girls and young women to lead the future, with professional-level training programs.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Deena loves maple syrup and Cirque Du Soleil. She earned her degrees in Liberal Arts and Social Work from McGill University. Outside of work, you’ll find her taking all types of dance classes, planning parties, talking to strangers, and performing stand up comedy.

Connect with Deena

email: deena @ fireballnetwork .com
instagram: @fireballdeena
twitter:  @fireballdeena

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