Dear Fireballs,

Inspired by the energetic, open-minded, and inquisitive students in a recent workshop, I am thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new feature: “Dear Fireball…”.  In this advice column, I will answer your hottest questions about networking, and about related career development and business development topics. We’ll talk about networking, branding, marketing, sales, job search, career transition – and of course – one of the most popular topics of all, how to work a room. This weekly column will be posted on the Fireball Network blog, and published on LinkedIn.

Instructions:  Submit your questions through LinkedIn, or email, with the subject header: ‘Dear Fireball: My Question(s)’.  I would like to publish your name, and a link to whichever social media account you choose. If you prefer to remain anonymous, simply let me know and I will respect your request.

“Ask, and you shall learn. Seek, and you shall find. Connect, and you shall be a Fireball.” ~ Deena