The Fireball Network Career Coaching Plan for Finding Your Bliss

Career Coaching to help you build your confidence, conquer your fears, land your dream job, and create your career path to success

Fireball Network delivers customized career coaching for job search, career transition, career pivots, and executive coaching for career management and development. We work with professionals across all industries. Our career coaching clients include executives, partners, principals, emerging leaders, and recent college graduates. Work with us: because life is too short not to do what you love and love what you do.  In your career coaching sessions, we will help you to:

1. Envision and Plan Your Career Path

  • Envision and establish your short and long-term career goals, happiness and success
  • Identify your ideal role, employer, work culture, and career path
  • Highlight your unique talents and expertise to target your dream job
  • Develop your confidence, conquer your fears, and keep you focused and moving forward

2. Develop and Promote Your Brand

  • Develop your powerful, professional brand – online, on paper, and in person
  • Highlight what makes you unique through your stories and accomplishments
  • Ensure that your social media profiles and bios are relevant and consistent
  • Create the right content for résumés, LinkedIn, social media, alumni directories and industry bios

3. Cultivate and Leverage Your Network

  • Identify the people most likely to help you with leads and advice
  • Leverage your current network for opportunities and introductions
  • Build new relationships to expand your circles of influence
  • Access your target organizations and decision makers

4. Get Out There, and Get Results

  • Create a networking calendar of the best events and activities for you, to get you in the right places at the right times
  • Learn the art and science of working the room at events, conferences, and parties
  • Find job leads everywhere you go (elevators, boardrooms, job sites, gyms, planes, trains, and even waiting in line)
  • Follow up effectively using a variety of common, and not so common, tools and techniques
  • Prepare and rehearse for job interviews, information interviews, and networking meetings
  • Make a memorable impression on everyone you meet, build relationships, create opportunities, be successful, and be happy

Let’s get you started.

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The Shot

1.5 Hours of Coaching

The Spark

3 Hours of Coaching

The Blast

6 Hours of Coaching

Still have questions? Email  hello @ fireballnetwork (dot) com. We’re here to help you succeed.

  • "Deena is one of the best storytellers I have ever met! She helped me to craft engaging messages about myself for meetings, interviews, pitches, and events. Her strategic approach to networking helped me turn introductions into relationships, and relationships into solid new opportunities. Deena is insightful, and also hilarious, so our coaching sessions are personalized, highly constructive, and fun.”

    Matthew S. Heymann J.D.
  • "Thank you for helping me come into my own. I am no longer shy to speak up and ask for what I want. I am confident in presenting my worth, and I no longer  settle for less than I deserve. I have finally found my voice, and I love it.”

    Marketing and Branding Executive, Confidential Client