recipe-for-holiday-networking-success-Fireball-Network-BlogWhether you’re at a holiday party, lunch meeting, networking event or a conference, you must be able to make meaningful conversation with prospects, strangers, and industry VIP’s alike. When you’re working the room, you need to be confident and prepared in order to create a powerful impression. So what do you say after you say “hello”? Fireball Network has a simple, surefire recipe for any occasion, to give you the gift of gab, and help you make a memorable impression on everyone you meet.

First, research the event, organization, speakers, attendees, sponsors, industry, and even the venue. Then prepare a few questions or comments based on your research results. And remember, it’s not stalking – it’s strategy. When you use your research to create talking points, you will easily spark conversation and create delicious connections at every event you attend.

1. Talk about relevant current events.
For example: “What do you think about the recent merger between Milk Inc. and Cookies Co.?

2. Talk about the speaker and the topic.
For example: “The speaker, Mrs. Cookie Monstress, also runs a non-profit providing healthy meals to children all over the world. She tells an inspiring story about how she overcame her shyness to become a global entrepreneur and philanthropist.

3. Talk about something personal.
For example: “My favorite cookies are double chocolate chip, and my family has an award-winning recipe, passed down for five generations. I’d be glad to share it with you. And what cookies do you like?”

Try our networking recipe, and you will enjoy the sweet success of creating warm connections, and meaningful conversation.

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