“You never know how the next person you meet might change your life.” ~ Fireball Deena

people networking

I meet 95% of my clients, collaborators, friends and life-changing fireballs at networking events. I meet the remaining 5% in other business situations, in dance class, and by talking to strangers.

I have found certain recurring themes among the people I meet. You may meet a few of these people at each event. You may even meet all 5 of these people at the same event. As I did at a recent Ellevate Network event.

These are five people you’ll meet while networking:

1. Someone who needs your services

I met a lawyer who was interested in my private coaching services for business development.  I love working with lawyers, and have spoken at the New York City Bar, the New York County Lawyers’ Association, and Cardozo Law School.

2. Someone whose services you need

I met a fabulous photographer who uses natural light and un-posed scenes that bustle with action and human interaction. This is exactly the style I love, and need for Fireball Network photos.

3. Someone with shared business needs or goals

This photographer, being a fellow entrepreneur, invited me to a networking event organized by a group of people I would not normally have the chance to meet. Often, one person can fill multiple networking roles. And it’s more likely to happen when you take the time to listen and get to know each person on various levels. That’s the power, and the value, of human connection.

4. Someone who can help someone else in your network

I met a recruiter who had industry-specific advice for one of my clients who is going through a career transition.

5. Someone who inspires you

I met a woman who was one of the pioneering, glass-shattering women on Wall Street. I listened with admiration and respect to her stories about her experiences on the trading floor. I also learned some new communication, negotiation and finance skills.

When you put in the effort to connect, pay attention to what people say, and keep an open mind, you’ll be rewarded with rich relationships.