1. Make a Powerful First Impression: 
If you want to appear confident and earn respect from the people you meet, then you cannot deliver a weak introduction. A powerful person makes a powerful impression.
Weak: “My name is Lisa. I work at a financial firm.”
Powerful: “I’m Lisa Smith. I’m the director of business development at The Big Company. We’re the second largest investment firm in North America. My job is to take the company to number one.”

2. Practice Proper Business Card Etiquette:
One of the worst mistakes you can make is to take someone’s card and immediately stick it in your pocket or purse. It’s insulting. And how will you ever remember who you met if you don’t look at their card? A card is a valuable visual cue. Hold the card. Look at the card. Read the person’s name, title, company name, and address. Then look directly at them. And ask about their role, services, clients, or even their location. “Your office is at 280 Park. What a coincidence! My office is at 250 Park. We should grab lunch at that new Italian place around the corner.”

3.  Show your Personality with Fun Facts:
Share interesting items about your life that you can use for any occasion. Whether they build common ground or highlight your unique personality, these items should help move the conversation forward. Prepare stories and talking points that will encourage interaction.
What sounds more engaging? 
“I like to keep active.” 
“I’m training for my first half-marathon to raise money for abc charity.” 

What sounds more inviting?
“Do you want to meet so I can tell you about my services?” 
“I recently started flying trapeze lessons. Would you like to join me at my next class?”
(yes, please!)


What are YOUR fun facts?
Send us your fun facts, and we’ll share them with our network.

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It will be a powerful experience!