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Do you want to build a powerful and supportive network of colleagues, advisors and friends who will help you succeed? Of course you do. And we’ll show you how.

Fireball Network is a boutique coaching, training and consulting firm based in New York City.  Our firm delivers comprehensive networking coaching programs,  skills training workshops and consulting services to organizations and individuals across North America. If you want to learn how to work a room with confidence and success, convert your contacts into clients, and make the most of every networking opportunity, we can help you.  Work with us, and you will learn how to improve your networking skills, build strategic relationships, expand your client base, and learn to mix business with pleasure for long-term career success. Our principals can be spotted all over town talking to strangers, making introductions, doing deals and organizing flash mob networking events.

Do you want to learn how to work a room with confidence and success?

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in a crowd or end up sitting alone at a luncheon? We’ll teach you all the skills and strategies you need to to work a room successfully.  You’ll learn how to make a fabulous first impression; create and deliver the perfect elevator pitch for any situation; start, manage and end any conversation; and follow-up effectively. You will learn how to be confident, comfortable, and effective –  in order to work any room like a pro.

Do you want to learn how to convert your contacts into clients?

Many people are good at getting leads, but not as effective at following up. We’ll give you the tools and techniques to organize, prioritize and manage all your contacts. We’ll help you find the best ways to stay connected to your prospects, and work your network. You will learn how to follow up effectively – to convert casual conversations into qualified meetings, and convert your contacts into clients.

Do you and your team want to make the most of every networking opportunity?

Whether you are at a cocktail party,  a conference, in the boardroom, at the bar, or even at the dance barre, you can create networking opportunities. We’ll show your team how to use their strengths, personality, personal interests and professional experiences to network better. You’ll learn how to leverage every relationship to gain valuable information, develop alliances, ask for and offer introductions,  get referrals and land new clients. You will learn how to successfully and enjoyably mix business with pleasure, and create networking opportunities everywhere you go.  

Do You Want to be a Fireball?

Of course you do. You’ll learn the best techniques to build an A-list network – so that you can land more clients, close more deals, and get invited to the hottest events!

What our clients say…

“Fireball Network & CC Strategies delivered a fantastic networking program for NYCLA.  We received rave reviews from our members, and will definitely work with them again.” ~Toni Valenti, Director of Marketing and Membership Development, New York County Lawyers’ Association